Katie Garvey

September 13th 2006-February 14th 2007


The Katie Garvey Bravery Award is an Award we introduced at Twin Fest 2011.It is our way to remember and acknowledge baby Katie Garvey been the inspiration for this Festival.
The Katie Garvey bravery Award is a token of acknowledgment and awarded to a set of twin’s triplets or quads who has been through difficult times in their life’s, where the chosen beneficiary is selected amongst the Twin Fest Team.
Baby Katie was born on the afternoon of 13th September 2006.Katie was the first born child to her proud parents George & Martha & first grandchild and Niece on Martha’s side of the family. As all kids are special Katie was that extra special baby to both the Garvey & Ward family’s. It was on the evening of Tuesday February 13th 2007 Katie became unwell and was taken to Sligo General hospital and on arrival was diagnosed with meningococcal Meningitis a rare form of Meningitis which attacks the brain and in most cases becomes life treating. Sadly Katie passed away in the early hours of Valentines Day 2007 less than 8 hours from arrival to Sligo general hospital at ICU with Parents Grandparents Uncles & Aunties by her side. During Katie’s short life of 5 months Katie had brought so much happiness to Martha George and their families and it is this happiness that we would like to share with you and promote at Twin Fest.
Twin Fest came about as a unique fundraiser to raise funds and awareness for the Meningitis Trust Ireland with its inaugural Twin Fest taking place on July 4th 2010.It was the success of 2010 that the Twin Fest Team made the decision to build on Twin Fest as it was evident that there was a niche in the market for such an event.
In the minds of the family and host community of Twin Fest baby Katie will always be know as the inspiration for this event but through expansion and over time we knew we would have to make changes to this event and hope that we would not lose the initial reason for this Festival. It was then decided that we would create an award element at Twin Fest which is now The Katie Garvey bravery Award.



George and Martha Garvey with baby Oisin, present the Katie Garvey Bravery Award to twins Rianna and Sadhbh Dempsey and mum Lorraine Dempsey.



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